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Fig. 1

From: Prevalence and incidence of domestic violence during pregnancy and associated risk factors: a longitudinal cohort study in the south of Sweden

Fig. 1

Flowchart over received answers in Questionnaire I and II. * No one reported abuse during pregnancy. 1) The midwives forgot to give the participants questionnaire II (n = 239), Missing consent (n = 2). 2) Spontaneous and legal abortions (n = 84), missed abortions (n = 4), spontaneous and legal abortions due to malformations or for social reasons >18 gestational weeks (n = 10). 3) No explanation or did not understand the violence questions well enough or had difficulties with the language (n =20). Also, participant too stressed to stay to complete the questionnaire (n = 3). 4) Failure with the verification or wrongly coded

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