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Table 1 Frequency data for self-reported history of mental disorder, family history of bipolar disorder or postnatal psychosis, alcohol and smoking status at booking and disclosure of intimate partner violence for singleton pregnancies in 2010–2015 (n = 140,569)

From: Prevalence of self-reported mental disorders in pregnancy and associations with adverse neonatal outcomes: a population-based cross-sectional study

 Frequency% of total
History of mental disorder
 Bipolar disorder2120.15
 Postpartum psychosis4830.34
 Severe depression75495.37
 Severe eating disorder7930.56
 Severe obsessive-compulsive disorder3340.24
 Other mental disorder17,12712.18
 Any mental disorder26,54718.87
Family history of mental disorder
 Bipolar disorder22381.59
 Postnatal psychosis7090.50
Alcohol status at booking
 Not recorded1100.08
Smoking status at booking
 Not recorded950.07
Antenatal disclosure of intimate partner violence
 No disclosure131,08093.25
 Historical disclosure31882.27
 New disclosure, family receiving support7890.56
 New disclosure, risk assessment and referral to appropriate services3730.27
 Not recorded51393.65