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Table 1 Participants, sample size and methods of data collection

From: Underreporting of stillbirths in Pakistan: perspectives of the parents, community and healthcare providers

  Participant categories Methods of data collection Number of interviews Province
1 Health facility in charge, Lady Health Visitor, Medical Technician In-depth interview 124 Sindh: 62
KPK: 62
2 Lady Health Worker, Community Midwife In-depth interview 65 Sindh: 32
KPK: 33
3 Women who experienced a stillbirth In-depth interview 50 Sindh: 21
KPK: 29
4 Traditional Birth Attendants In-depth interview 36 Sindh: 19
KPK: 17
5 Coordinators (e.g. for LHW, District Health Information System, Maternal Neonatal Child Health program) In-depth interview 10 Sindh: 6
KPK: 4
6 Men and women who experienced stillbirth Focus group discussion 14 Sindh: 7
KPK: 7