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Table 4 Quotes from the focus group sessions

From: Parental perspectives on the awareness and delivery of preconception care

Practical issues & forms of PCC
 F4, P3, female. “You could also do both consultations and group sessions. Some people prefer it the one way, other people the other way. Some people might prefer the anonymity of a group, without any obligations, without the need to make an appointment. Then they can already get some information and if they have any specific questions they can make an appointment.”
 F5, P4, female. “I think you should make it accessible and available for everyone and then offer customized care for the patient in question.”
Provider characteristics
 F4, P1, female. “It think that the GP should take the lead. In this regard, the GP is most familiar and knows about history and perhaps about smoking, drugs. The GP refers for other health issues as well, so I think it‘s logical. He could give advice, for example to visit a group session.”
 F5, P9, female. “I could image that when you have tough questions, that it has to do with feeling as well. Maybe more than you sometimes think. The conversations I had with midwives were of much more value because they touched me by their experience. When it comes to behavior or lifestyle you have to make choices, then it is an advantage when a professional really touches you.”
 F1, P2, female. “I think people listen better to a GP or midwife then to someone they know from their neighborhood. They come through professionally and could explain the importance in a different manner.”