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Fig. 2

From: Institutional maternal and perinatal deaths: a review of 40 low and middle income countries

Fig. 2

Cause-specific case fatality rates by region and country (33 countries). Hashed bars represent rates based on very small numbers; HEM=hemmorrhage; OBL=obstructed/prolonged labor; RU=ruptured uterus; SEP=sepsis; PEE=pre-eclampsia, eclampsia; AB=abortion; ECT=ectopic pregnancy; LAC=Latin America & the Caribbean; Maurit=Mauritania; Mozam=Mozambique; Ecua=Ecuador; Guya=Guyana; Nica=Nicaragua; Panam=Panama; Afghan=Afghanistan; Bangla=Bangladesh; Camb=Cambodia; Mongol=Mongolia; STP=São Tomé e Príncipe

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