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Table 5 Midwife-pregnant woman relationship

From: Alcohol brief interventions in Scottish antenatal care: a qualitative study of midwives’ attitudes and practices

Sub-theme Illustrative quote
Midwives’ good profile Midwives have good profile, we look after women we are supposed to have lots of knowledge, we are going to help them through the birth of their baby and give them advice in their first few weeks afterwards. We have got a profile that women hopefully take note of (M9).
Careful when discussing sensitive issues I mean discussing alcohol with somebody sitting in front of you and you don’t want them to feel that they can’t come and see you again (M14).
Lack of rapport at booking appointment The other thing that makes it difficult is that at booking you have only just met the person. So, you are already asking a lot of personal questions. You probably haven’t ever met her before and then you are required to take action whether it will be for alcohol or gender based violence. It is very difficult but I don’t know when the good time will be, you know. Because by the time you have met her for three or four times, she is already well on in her pregnancy. And that is the longest appointment that you have so that is the most time you have with somebody (M15).
Women unlikely to divulge sensitive information I am just going back to the issue of domestic violence, if I was to ask a woman, are you violated against? Are you free to go home? Have you ever suffered violence at home? Do you think she is going to tell me when she does not even know me at booking? (M9).