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Table 2 Risk perception

From: Alcohol brief interventions in Scottish antenatal care: a qualitative study of midwives’ attitudes and practices

Sub-theme Illustrative quote
Effects of low-moderate drinking Excessive alcohol is always going to be damaging to the woman and the baby. But whether or not if you have a glass of wine with your dinner two or three nights a week if that is going to affect the baby or not, I will probably debate. Probably, say that it wouldn’t have any effect on that baby (M2).
Drinking in first trimester I don’t know if we really know what the effects of alcohol are on the developing fetus. I am not too sure about that. I think it is more to do with continuing drinking through pregnancy. I mean if you drank alcohol without knowing that you have conceived or in early times of conception, it doesn’t seem to affect (the baby). I would have said that it doesn’t affect (the baby) because so many people have done it, you know (M14).