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Figure 2

From: Maternal exposure to air pollution before and during pregnancy related to changes in newborn's cord blood lymphocyte subpopulations. The EDEN study cohort

Figure 2

Associations between lymphocytes percentages and benzene exposure. Relationships between lymphocyte subset percentages in cord blood of newborns and benzene exposure in the sub-group of 56 non-smoking mother-newborn pairs with BETX (Benzene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene, Xylenes) assessment. β (95% CI): adjusted regression coefficient and 95% confidence interval for mother's age and body mass index, maternal history of allergy, passive smoking, perinatal infections, mode of delivery, newborn's sex and weight, preterm birth and season of birth). β corresponds to the change in lymphocyte percentages (log-transformed for natural killer cells) for each increase in one in log-transformed benzene exposure (n = 56). * p = 0.05.

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