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Figure 2

From: Spontaneous preterm labor is associated with an increase in the proinflammatory signal transducer TLR4 receptor on maternal blood monocytes

Figure 2

TLR4 surface expression on peripheral blood monocytes in pregnant control (P), and preterm labor (PTL) women. This illustrative histogram depicts TLR4 staining between pregnant and premature labor subjects and the nonspecific staining observed using the isotype control (IgG2a) antibody. The events are indicated on the y-axis and the anti-TLR4-phycoerithrin fluorescence intensity of gated CD14+ monocytes (as determined by anti-CD14-fluorescein fluorescence and FSC/SSC) was plotted along the x-axis. The mean data ± SEM for each group, % of TLR4 positive monocytes and number of molecules per cell are included in Table 2.

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